Why eKomi

eKomi – The Feedback Company, helps companies through their web-based social SaaS technology with authentic and valuable reviews from customers and helps increasing the customer satisfaction and sales.

71% of all online customers read customer reviews,
77% of them are influenced by customer reviews.

(Forrester & Jupiter Research)

... the advantages of eKomi:

  • 1. A higher conversion rate through reviews
    Before potential customers decide to buy they want to know what the delivery time is and whether the product will be delivered after payment. Companies can increase their trust through certificates and awards. The most efficient way is through reflection of customer reviews, the eKomi 5-star review system helps increase the conversion ratio. One of the biggest German pharmacies in Germany said: “We have increased our customer conversions from 12% to 14.5% since using eKomi. (Joachim Dadaniak, Head marketing, Mail Order Apotal).

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  • 2. More customers through Google's product integration
    Google helps online retailers the best with increasing their traffic, therefore it is really important to be listed within Google. Thanks to the co-operation of Google product, eKomi’s reviews will be integrated with Google product listing. Through eKomi’s social commerce technology, not only are reviews collected, but will also increase the traffic and amount of new customers.

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  • 3. More visitors through search engine optimisation “User-generated content”
    Online marketeers target on highly qualitative website content which is done by publishing reviews from customers. eKomi’s main target is a professional and proactive review gathering system which does not cost much time. The API’s of eKomi are directly integrated in Google products, which helps online webshops climbing in Google ranking.

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  • 4. Increase shopping basket
    When customers trust the online shop they are likely to buy more at once. Scientific studies have proven that prices are less important when reviews are shown.

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  • 5. More turnover by process optimisation and quality assurance
    Through the eKomi reviews, online shops can gather important information and usefull suggestions. This enables online shops to optimise their business processes. Through the eKomi system, online shops know what their customers want, which enables them to answer to the market. Statistics are available through the eKomi customer area and through the iPhone application (coming soon). These statistics show the quality level of the online shop, based on their cusomter service, products, website functionality and the usability of the webshop. This all together made eKomi win the innovation prize.

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  • 6. „Satisfied customers are the best seller“
    Facebook has over 500 million users and twitter over 100 million, those strong communication pages are good opportunities for online webstores to spread the positive reviews over the Web. More and more companies are starting to use “social commerce”. eKomi equips it's customers with this feature to spread their customer reviews without any extra costs.

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    through social commerce

  • „55 percent of potential customers search for price and product information. Reviews influence a potential customer's buying decision.“

    (Source: Bitkom.org-Studie, March 2010)

  • 7. Protected against unjustified negative reviews spread over the Web
    Professional sellers know how important a good reputation on the Web is. The Internet offers many possibilities for online customers to publish negative reviews. Out of experiences eKomi knows that most of the problems are caused by a lack of communication. Through the professional and pro-active eKomi approach, communication between buyer and seller is encouraged. This enables online shops to satisfy their unsatified customers in order to protect themselves against unjust negative reviews spread over the Web.

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    spread over the internet and gather customer reviews

How does eKomi work?
The innovatie SaaS software from eKomi is easily implementable in most of the shop systems, shop and product reviews are directly gathered on the e-mail server of the online shop. The reviews are published by the eKomi professional review team. The shop and product reviews are directly integrated within the website. The eKomi mediation team helps with solving arbitration processes. Product reviews are directly shown on the product page in order to increase the conversion rate and increase the SEO. Real time satistics are available in the customer login area or through the iPhone application.

Customer buys product
Customer gives review
eKomi review team releases the reviews
Potential customers
Satisfied customer
Published reviews
Real-time satistics
Customer attracts new customers

Scientific studies

Scientific studies regarding customer reviews
In a study with 2000 customers, 92% thought that reviews are very helpfull?.
(eTailing Group)

63% of the customers prefer to buy in a online shop with ratings and reviews.
(CompUSA & iPerceptions Studie)

Just 26% of 137 big retailers offer reviews to their potential customers. 96% of the users say that reviews and ratings are an effictive way to help a potential customer within their buying process.

Reviews increase the satisfaction of the purchase by 21% and an 18% increase in customer retention.
(Foresee Results Study, Januar 2007)

91% of the participants of this study think customer-generated content is the most important when buying.
(JC Williams Group, 2006)

71% of online customers read reviews, 77% let their buying decision be influence by the reviews.
(Forrester & Jupiter Research)

91% of customers think that beeing able to rate the delivery process is „important“ or „very Important“.
(eKomi.de - Umfrage mit 2000 Teilnehmern)

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