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mypure "So far I can say we have seen a 12% increase in conversion rate which I can only put down to first down customers being re-assured by the feedback they are reading."
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We raise, store and use your personal data according to the regulations of the Data Protection Act and other applicable laws. In this declaration we inform you about the kind of data used and for what purposes plus your rights.

1. Identity protected data collection and processing
Our server automatically collects log file data and saves it. This data is delivered to us via your browser. It uses the following data:
– Type and version of your browser
– Type and version of your operating software
– The URL of the website by which you reached us
– Search terms by which means you found our website
– Date and time of the call to our website
– Names of the undersites called by you
– Amount of transmitted data

This data is collected in an identity protected form and cannot be attributed to a specific person or customer. The data collection and processing is used for internal analytic and statistic purposes only.

2. Data collection and processing through assumed name creation
After registering on our website, we collect and save the above mentioned data in an assumed name form. This data is connected to an internal code but is re-named, with the assumed name having no connection or link with the actual name or other personal characteristics.
For the purpose of tailor-made advertising and marketing campaigns improving the service we offer our customers all profiles are compiled based on actual data collection but only using assumed names.
You may object to the compilation of a utilization profile. The full details of your rights of objection can be found under the paragraph “Right of Withdrawal & Right of Objection”.
We guarantee that no personal details and data of any kind are passed to any third parties but will be exclusively used for internal purposes in the assumed name format.

3. The interface between eKomi and and the Company:
eKomi receives no PII End customer information from the database of the Company via the interface. Only an anonymous order transaction ID will be transmitted. In case that eKomi is providing the service of sending the review invitation e-mail or for other justifiable reason is required to obtain personal information, the necessary personal information will be transmitted and used only for this exact purpose. After the legal retention period this data will be deleted.

The Company is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable data protection laws.
In addition, the Company alone is responsible

i. for the manner in which End Users are approached and informed about the possibility of leaving Ratings & Reviews;
ii. to assess the legal permissibility of the advertisement (including its manner) of the products and/or services of the Company, in particular under competition and advertisement laws; and
iii. to assess the requirements under competition, data protection and other relevant laws and for obtaining the required consent from the End User.


Personal data that is transmitted to eKomi will be exclusively used per the executed contractual relationship and related purposes such as fraud prevention, storage, encryption and data usage. This data will not be shared with unaffiliated third parties.
eKomi represents and warrants that its collection, access, use, storage, disposal and disclosure of Personal Information does and will comply with all applicable privacy laws in accordance with the European Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC & Directive 2002/58/EC.

4. Cookies
For our website we use “cookies“. Using “cookies” enables our web server to recognise your individual settings on our website and (if applicable) parts of your registration data in coded form in order to facilitate their use and allow automatic log-in. The browser settings offer the possibility to refuse, delete, block or to cancel an inquiry before applying a “cookie”.

Use of Google Analytics:
We use Google Analytics, the web analysis tool of Google Inc. Google Analytics uses “cookies“, - text files saved on your computer to enable site activity analysis. The information created by the cookie (incl. your IP-address) will be delivered to Google (USA) in an identity protected form and saved on a server.

5. Use of your e-mail address
We use your e-mail address in order to complete and confirm the registration on our website via a confirmation e-mail.
Only if you consent will your e-mail address be used by us to send you our newsletter or other offers which might be of interest. You may withdraw your consent and stop receiving e-mails from our company at any time. Full particulars of your right of withdrawal can be found under the paragraph „Right of Withdrawal & Right of Objection”.

6. Right of access, amendment, blocking and deletion of data.
If you request it, we will supply you with any content data related to your store, free of charge. You can request the information by using the contact details below. If you have complied with our legal requirements you are entitled to request that we change, block or delete your data. Please contact us using the details below.

7. Your rights for Withdrawal or Objection.
You are entitled to object to our utilization profile compilation and withdraw any prior consent you may have given. If you do we will cease processing your data for this purpose. You can withdraw your consent by post, fax or e-mail, without giving your reasons.
Post to us at:
eKomi Ltd.
Markgrafenstraße 11
10969 Berlin
Call us at 0870 495 8995
Email us at:

8. Declaration of consent
Provided that you have consented to receive newsletters and offers from us by email we will have recorded such consent, which will remain in place until you inform us that you wish to withdraw such consent.